WEEE Recycling

Why Recycle?
In the last decade in Europe the growth of WEEE was about three times higher than the average municipal waste stream.

Prior to the introduction of the WEEE Regulations 2005 much of the WEEE in Ireland was disposed of in the municipal waste stream directly to landfill. This is not an ideal solution as WEEE can contain harmful substances that could cause problems to human health and the environment if not treated properly on disposal. In addition production of EEE involves non renewable energy and raw material resources which cannot be recovered if WEEE is disposed of indiscriminately.

The WEEE Directive aims to reduce quantities of WEEE disposed of to landfill and reduce the harmful effects caused by WEEE on health and the environment whilst conserving natural resources.

Meanwhile, the Battery Directive aims to minimise the negative impacts of batteries and accumulators on the environment and also harmonise requirements for the smooth functioning of the internal market. To achieve these objectives, the Directive introduces measures to prohibit the marketing of some batteries containing hazardous substances. It contains measures for establishing schemes aiming at high level of collection and recycling of batteries with quantified collection and recycling targets. The Directive also sets out minimum rules for producer responsibility and provisions with regard to labelling of batteries and their removability from equipment.  Visit www.recyclefree.ie to learn more.

Take Back of Old Items

Small Appliances purchased Online for collection.

When collecting your new appliance from your chosen collection point you may bring back your old appliance for free recycling on like for like items. ie if you order a Mobile Phone you may bring back your old Mobile Phone to your chosen collection point. Take back is on a one-for- one basis only, the appliance being returned must be of a similar type or have performed the same function as the new item purchased. For example, we will not accept a TV where you have purchased a Satellite Receiver.

Small Appliances purchased Online for delivery

As your small appliance will be delivered to you by DPD or An Post, we can arrange to recycle your old small appliance at a small charge. You may take your old appliance back to our Mayo Store for free or bring back to your local Civic Amenity Centre who will accept the item for free. The WEEE Ireland map gives details of Civic Amenity centres nationwide with WEEE collection facilities.

Take Back of Batteries
We will take back batteries and accumulators of equivalent type available to purchase from our stores. There is no requirement for a purchase to be made. We may limit any one consumer to 5kgs of battery returns at any one time and may refuse to accept any waste portable battery leaking any of its constituent materials.

WEEE Information
for further information on WEEE please visit www.weeeireland.ie