Heat Pumps

    We are please to introduce you to our latest website and our Irish Designed Air to Water Heat Pumps. These Heat Pumps were designed in Co. Mayo and as such they are designed for the inclement Irish Weather. Stainless steel housing and running on R407C makes these Unique amoungst Air-Water Heat Pumps. 17KW or 12KW retro fit air to water Heat Pumps can be retro fitted to replace a Kerosene or Gas Boiler.

No internal work needs to be done and these Air-Water Heat Pumps will heat up your house / apartment in the same way as your existing boiler but at a 65% saving on your energy bills.

Your typical Oil Boiler is 65% efficient while our Air Source Heat Pumps are typically 400% efficient, what that means in real terms is that for every €100 you spend on Oil you get €65 worth of heat while €100 spent on our Air Source Heat pumps will give you €400 worth of comparable heat.

You can see our full list of Heat Pumps on CarbonFreeHeat Ireland

Heat Pump - Water Pump - 25m Head

Heat Pump - Water Pump - 25m Head

Heat Pump - Water Pump - 25m Head   Cent..

€344.95 €364.95 Ex Tax: €280.45

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