All of the products we had listed here have had to be removed as Triax and Inverto have stopped producing KA band LNB's. So No LNB's means no Saorsat systems, sad but true.

RTE's new Saorsat TV service is broadcast from 9 east in Ka Band. to receive free Irish TV you will need a minimum 80cm satellite dish to receive Saorsat in Ireland and a Ka Band LNB, you will also need a DVB-S2 satellite HD receiver, we have a wide selection of these, from the
BORC HDS 41 to the
Technomate TM Nano M3. At the moment you will receive RTE1 HD, RTE2 HD, TG4, RTE Junior, RTE News Now, RTE 1 + 1 and 10 National radio stations, all in glorious digital quality with RTE1 HD + RTE2 HD in full HD, ideal for the Sping / Summer of Sport.  If you need a satellite meter to align your saorsat dish then you will need a DVB-S2 satellite meter, we have the SatHero SH500 HD DVB-S2 Meter and the SatHero SH-100 HD DVB-S2 Meter in stock look under our Satellite Meter section on the left hand side of this page to see prices and more information.

To date we have confirmed Saorsat reception in Ireland ( 32 counties ) , in all of Wales and in some parts of England. Please see the map in this section.

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Saorsat Reception Reports 2016

Saorsat Reception Reports 2016

28th September 2016To date we have confirmed recep..

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