Saorsat Dish

All of the products we had listed here have had to be removed as Triax and Inverto have stopped producing KA band LNB's. So No LNB's means no Saorsat systems, sad but true.

Saorsat from RTE is Ireland's First free to air Irish TV satelllite service, it is broadcast in Ka band from Eutelsat9 at 9east. Depending on where you live in Ireland you may need an 80cm, 90cm or a 1.1m satellite dish along with a Ka Band LNB and a DVB-S2 Satellite Receiver, all of the 3 items are on sale on this website, the Ka band LNB and the necessary Satellite dish are listed below along with our lowest cost DVB-S2 satellite receiver.  Our full range of DVB-S2 satellite receivers are listed here.

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