Tivusat 4K UHD Satellite Receiver + Card

    Tivusat is the new Italian digital TV service, includes card and digital / UHD 4K TV set-top box. No subscription required.
Over the last few months, many of the most followed Italian generalist channels (Rete4, Canale5, Italia1, etc ...) have closed their SD version and we will have an increase in requests for tivùsat HD products, do not get caught unprepared, buy your Tivusat UHD Satellite Receiver + Card before the switch off date for standard definition channels

Includes the following channels: Rai 1, Rai 2, Rai 3, Canale 5, Italia 1, Rete 4, La 7, Rai 4, La 5, Iris, TV2000, Boing, Rai Gulp, Rai YoYo, K2, Rai 5, Rai HD, AB Channel, Rai Movie, Rai Premium, Nuvolari, Rai Sport 1, Rai Sport 2, Class Horse TV, Rai Scuola, Rai Storia, Rai News, BBC World News, France 24, Euronews, Al Jazeera Arabic, Al Jazeera English, 24h, Deutsche Welle, Press TV, Bloomberg, CCTV News, NBC Class News, NHK TV, RTL 102.5 TV, Dee Jay TV, Virgin TV, Real Time, TV Moda, Wedding TV, Viva Italia, QVC, TV5 Monde, San Marino, TVE, Russia Today, Koper, Telenova, TVA Vicenza, Tele Radio Padre Pio, Maremma Channel, Toscana Channel, Telecity.

NO Italian address and Codice Fiscale (Italian insurance number) required!

To view this package you will require a 80cm satellite dish with a Universal LNB, aligned to Hot Bird at 13 degrees east.
- Official card + UHD Set Top Box
- Broadcasting via HOT BIRD at 13 degrees east

Supplied with the 4K UHD SET-TOP BOX
- Digital and HD / UHD satellite reception
- Access to TivuSat, and many other satellite channels in the clear
- Dolby Digital Plus
- Electronic Program Guide (EPG)
- Parental Control
- LCN-automatic sorting of channels
- Timer
- Software updates via USB and over the air (OTA)
- Audio / video output via HDMI (HDMI cable included)
- Digital audio output
- Access to interactive €œOver-The-Top TV services
- Saving energy! Standby consumption less than 1W

Update! 19/03/2021

23 new Italian regional news channels are available on tivùsat, knowing how much Italians are tied to their traditions this is an excellent channel update.

The 23 TG Regionali RAI will be available from channel numbers 301 to 323 :

Rai 3 TGR Valle d’Aosta

Canale 301

Rai 3 TGR Piemonte

Canale 302

Rai 3 TGR Liguria

Canale 303

Rai 3 TGR Lombardia

Canale 304

Rai 3 TGR Veneto

Canale 305

Rai 3 TGR Trentino Alto Adige Bolzano

Canale 306

Rai 3 TGR Trentino Alto Adige Trento

Canale 307

Rai 3 Südtirol

Canale 308

Rai 3 TGR Friuli Venezia Giulia

Canale 309

Rai 3 TGR Furlanija Julijska Krajina

Canale 310

Rai 3 TGR Emilia-Romagna

Canale 311

Rai 3 TGR Toscana

Canale 312

Rai 3 TGR Marche

Canale 313

Rai 3 TGR Umbria

Canale 314

Rai 3 TGR Lazio

Canale 315

Rai 3 TGR Abruzzo

Canale 316

Rai 3 TGR Molise

Canale 317

Rai 3 TGR Campania

Canale 318

Rai 3 TGR Puglia

Canale 319

Rai 3 TGR Basilicata

Canale 320

Rai 3 TGR Calabria

Canale 321

Rai 3 TGR Sardegna

Canale 322

Rai 3 TGR Sicilia

Canale 323

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Tivusat 4K UHD Satellite Receiver + Card

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