Sky 7 Day EPG on Technomate Receivers

Now at last you can get a 7 Day EPG on all the Latest Technomate Receivers, models supporting Irish TV AND English TV 7 day EPG are the Technomate TM5402, TM6902 and the  TM7102. All 3 receivers also allow you to record directly from the 7 day Guide, these 3 receivers are amongst the best receivers and are built with High quality components so they will last for years and years and years.

7 day epg on astra 28.2 east this might be useful if already have one of these receivers
6902+7102 super series +5402
On 28 east scan tp, 11.777 v 27.500 any TV channel on this transponder, will load the 7-epg on your stb ,go into epg mode on one of those channels and within a minute the epg will populate on almost all channels.(leave for a few minutes to get full)
for a fast 12 hr epg .scan. trp.11.469 h 27.500
go on any channel on this transponder go into epg mode and within 20seconds you will have 12 hrs epg on almost all channels.
You can rename one channel "7-epg" and the other "fast-epg"
so no need to go into your radio channels
If above is not working
Start bellow
1/Download new software do factory reset
2/ Scan 11777 27500 V in 28 east
3/ Rename a channel and add to to Favorites Rename it Epg
4/ In "epg mode" select channel "EPG" from list and view/listen - Sky propaganda etc
6/ Return to "epg mode" and watch programmed guide being refreshed.
7/ select in turn BBC1 HD, BBC HD, ITV1 HD, and Channel4 HD - all channels show good signal/quality strength 95%/83% but "No Audio/Video"
8/ Select in turn BBC2, ITV1+1 etc - all these non-HD channels show normally.
9/ Place your receiver into Standby
10/ Reboot
11/ All HD channels show correctly but ............... no 7 day EPG
12/ "Normal" EPG can be refreshed by selecting each channel in turn

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