Technomate Control Centre

Technomate TM500s serial port loader

If your Technomate TM500S receiver fails to boot then you need to Download the Technomate Control Centre version 7 and use it to upload the latest firmware to the Technomate TM500S.

settings on the Control Centre;

baud rate 9600
flow control none
data bit 8
parity bit none

Next is to connect the null modem cable to your receiver. Switch Off the receiver, then Switch ON your TM receiver whilst pressing the “OK” button on the Front Panel.

A download of the TM image should then start, and progress of it will be on the PC and TV screen, and will indicate when complete.
There should also be confirmation the receivers display “done”.

Switch OFF your receiver, switch on again.

Using either the UP or DOWN cursor buttons on the Front Panel, select Factory Reset and then use the Right hand Cursor button to action the reset.

Technomate receiver will now boot up with your new Image presenting you with the Setup menu on your TV screen.

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