Central Heating Pump 6m

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    Bulk purchase means we can pass on these savings to you, while other online retailers will ask you to spend up to €360 for a Central Heating Pump we can supply one to you for only €74.95 inc free Ireland delivery. This central heating pump can pump up to 90 litres of hot water per minute up to a head of 6 meters so that is every 2 storey house in Ireland covered, this central heating pump is large and powerful enough to supply 18 radiators with piping hot water to keep you and your loved ones warm and cozy.

Supplied with a mains cable so you can easily swap out your old central heating pump in minutes with no need to call in an electrician.

Suitable for all Gas boilers and Kerosene boilers fitted in residential houses in Ireland

Max head: 6M , Max flow: 90L/min
Max power: 90W, Mode: 3 adjustable mode,

Threading: G 1"  (reducers 1/2" )
Height: 125mm.
Width: 130mm (without reducers), Depth: 120mm

Brand    BORC
Weight;    3.1kg
Dimensions; 19x15x15cm
Voltage; 220-240V
Power; 90Watts
Capacity; 90 L/min
Frequency; 50 Hz
British Standard; YES
CE Certification; YES

Perfect replacement Pump for all of the ones listed below;

    Grundfos Alpha 25-40/130
    Grundfos Alpha2 25-40 130
    Grundfos Alpha2 25-50 130
    Grundfos Alpha2 25-60 130
    Grundfos Alpha2 L 25-40/130
    Grundfos Alpha2 L 25-50/130
    Grundfos Alpha2 L 25-60/130
    Grundfos CC1 130/35
    Grundfos CC1 160/35 (combined with ZKE 4030KIT)
    Grundfos CC2 130
    Grundfos CC2 160 (combined with ZKE 4030 KIT)
    Grundfos CC3 130
    Grundfos CC3 160 (combined with ZKE 4030 KIT)
    Grundfos CC4 130
    Grundfos CC4 160 (combined with ZKE 4030 KIT)
    Grundfos CC5 130
    Grundfos CC5 160 (combined with ZKE 4030 KIT)
    Grundfos UM 18-20
    Grundfos UM 19-20 (combined with ZKE 4030 KIT)
    Grundfos UMS 18-20
    Grundfos UMS 19-20 (combined with ZKE 4030 KIT)
    Grundfos UNIVERSEL (combined with C + ZF4050 KIT)
    Grundfos UP 18-35
    Grundfos UP 18-50
    Grundfos UP 19-35 (combined with ZKE 4030 KIT)
    Grundfos UP 19-50 (combined with ZKE 4030 KIT)
    Grundfos UPS 15-35 X 17
    Grundfos UPS 15-35 X 18
    Grundfos UPS 15-40
    Grundfos UPS 15-45 X 17
    Grundfos UPS 15-45 X 18
    Grundfos UPS 18-35
    Grundfos UPS 18-38
    Grundfus UPS 18-45
    Grundfos UPS 18-48
    Grundfos UPS 19-35 (combined with ZKE 4030 KIT)
    Grundfos UPS 19-45 (combined with ZKE 4030 KIT)
    Grundfos UPS 25-30/130
    Grundfos UPS 25-50 (combined with ZKE 4030 KIT)
    Wilo P 20-1 (combined with MODIF. Cu 22)
    Wilo P 20-2 (combined with MODIF. Cu 22)
    Wilo P 30 (combined with KIT B ZKB)
    Wilo Polywilo 25/60 (combined with C ZKC KIT)
    Wilo Polywilo 25/70
    Wilo RP 30 (combined with B ZKB KIT)
    Wilo RS 24/4
    Wilo RS 25
    Wilo RS 25/4
    Wilo RS 25/6
    Wilo RS 25/60
    Wilo RSL 15/6
    Wilo S 20-1 (combined with MODIF. Cu 22)
    Wilo S 20-2 (combined with MODIF. Cu 22)
    Wilo S 25
    Wilo Smart 15/4-130
    Wilo Smart 15/6-130
    Wilo Smart 25/4
    Wilo Smart 25/4-130
    Wilo Smart 25/6
    Wilo Smart 25/6-130
    Wilo Star-RS 25/4
    Wilo Star-RS 25/4-130
    Wilo Star-RS 25/6
    Wilo Star-RS 25/6-130
    Wilo Stratos Pico 25/1-4
    Wilo Stratos Pico 25/1-4 130
    Wilo Stratos Pico 25/1-6
    Wilo Stratos Pico 25/1-6 130
    Wilo Yonos Pico 25/1-4
    Wilo Yonos Pico 25/1-4 130
    Wilo Yonos Pico 25/1-6
    Wilo Yonos Pico 25/1-6 130

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Central Heating Pump 6m - Central heating pump Ireland

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