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Triax 5+ 8 Multiswitch

Triax 5+ 8 Multiswitch
Brand: Triax
Product Code: 5+ 8 Multiswitch
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Triax 5+8 Multiswitch

Discrete multi-switches with 4 SAT + 1 terr. inputs and a power supply,  8 outputs to run 8 different rooms.
This product is also sold as the Multiswitch CKR 4081 Hirshmann Sat TV c/w power supply.

Discrete multi-switches for 1 satellite dish with 5 inputs and up to 32 outputs
The TMP 5x from TRIAX and CKR 5x from Hirschmann are series designed in state-of-the-art multi-switch technology.
They are fully equipped thanks to an integrated 22-kHz generator and switch-mode power supply, level adjusters at all outputs as well as slope control at the terrestrial input.
The versions with 24 and 32 outputs additionally have an LMS circuit at these outputs to monitor the output level.
Particularly suited for:
Supplying many subscribers with a constant signal of optimum quality
Using a multi-switch for all subscribers – irrespective of their distance to the LNB
Use with long cable routes or long distances thanks to an adjustable output level
Simple installation thanks to level adjusters at the inputs.


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