Gift Bundle 2

20v Cordless SDS Hammer Drill and the GSM Tough Mobile Phone,

GSM Stone V3S Rugged Phone - IP54, 2.4 Inch display, Dual SIM

This GSM Rugged Mobile Phone has an emphasis on protection both from the elements and accidents, the GSM Stone V3S brings all the reliable connectivity of a cell phone but with a tough, rugged go anywhere attitude that's ideally suited to the more adventures among us. The Stone V3S Rugged Phone has an old school button keypad and minimalist design so is perfect for making calls, sending messages and staying connected while on the go. This retro cell phone is easy to use and the design is perfect for everyone who is not concerned with the latest apps and fancy touch screens.

20V Cordless SDS + Hammer Drill

The MT2030 20V cordless SDS Plus Hammer drill is a versatile tool with hammer, chisel and hammer drill functions. Safety features include overload protection, an electronic brake and a lock-off switch. The tool can deliver 2.6J of impact energy yet weighs only 2.0kg, meaning that it is easy to carry and use for extended periods of time. Long lasting Li-ion batteries let you work for longer, and charging takes just one hour. The builtin LED light allows you pin point accuracy when drilling in low light conditions, giving you full control when drilling.


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Gift Bundle 2 ( 20V SDS Plus Cordless Drill + Rugged Builders Phone )

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