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Smargo Card Reader

Smargo Card Reader
Smargo Card Reader
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Smargo Smart Reader Plus - USB Card Reader

This state of the art Smargo Card Reader provides you with almost unlimited possibilities. The pure USB Card reader enables full RS232 communication over USB. It is not only ISO7816 compatible but IS 100% ISO7816. The integrated USB to Serial converter enables the SmartReader Plus card reader to work with all standard Phoenix compatible Linux and Windows applications.   Existing 3rd party software can be used through the Com Port, although connected through USB. Currently 3rd party software requires a Phoenix/Smartmouse compatible reader through a Serial/COMport.   The fullspeed USB 2.0 (USB 1.1 compliant) interface and powerfull CPU ensures the fastest communication possible. The high-end design of the reader is very firm and of high quality.   

The firmware is flashable and upgradable. Future smartcards and features can be added without the need for new hardware. The desktop software will be updated frequently. When needed a firmware upgrade will be available for free.   A built in frequency generator makes it possible to generate all regularly used smartcard frequencies automatically.
Features of the Smargo Card Reader Plus - USB Card Reader

    * Connector for USB port
    * Card Reading Slot
    * The Smartreader offers full RS232 connection over USB
    * Compatiable with ISO7816
    * Based on powerful ARM processor
    * Future proof: firmware upgradable
    * Integrated USB to serial converter
    * Supports 2,2, 3.43, 3.69, 4, 4.36, 4.8, 5.34, 6, 6.86, 8, 9.61, 12 and 16 MHz for smart cards
    * Attractive and sturdy moulded blue arrow shaped design

USES of Smargo Card Reader Plus - USB Card Reader

    * The Smargo Card Reader is the first reader for Windows and Linux
    * Provides an extra Card Reader on compatible boxes ie. VU+, Coolstream, Dreambox, Reelbox, Triple Dragon, Linux PC or Windows PC
    * Multiple SmartReader - can be cascaded in an USB hub, hence multiple cards.
    * Serial mode SmartReader - serial COM port with Windows or Linux /dev/usb/tts


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