Technomate Zone 2 Satellite Dish + Quad LNB + 25m Twinsat Cable Kit

Full Kit Includes Technomate TM65S Zone 2 65cm Satellite Dish + galvanished steel Wall Bracket + Quad LNB + 25m Twinsat satellite cable + 4 wall plugs + bolts and a strong galvanished steel wall bracket, in fact every thing you need apart from a satellite receiver. Ideal replacement / Upgrade Pack

66cm Elliptical, Solid Dish - Region 2
Specifically designed for the reception of Digital Satellite signals.
Approved by Satellite TV Ireland, the world leader in digital TV, and also used on the Scandinavian market.

Tilt movement/skew adjustment, Galvanized, Polyester powder coated and painted reflector and galvanized bracketry, Pole or pole/wall mounting;

    66cm Solid Satellite Dish
    Diameter: 60cm x 66cm
    Material: Zinc Phosphate Steel
    Offset Angle: 26°
    Frequency: 10.70-12.75GHz
    Coating Finish: Polyester Powder
    LNB Holder: 40mm
    Colour: Dark Grey

Pack Contains:
Technomate 65cm Zone 2 Satellite Dish
All brackets and front arm
Wall Bracket and U-bolts
Universal Quad LNB
25m Twinsat Cable
Outside Blast plate
Inside Hole tidy

Buy your Technomate Zone 2 Sky Dish + Quad LNB + 25m Twinsat Satellite Cable from Satellite TV Ireland, your Irish free delivery store.

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Technomate Zone 2 Satellite Dish + Quad LNB + 25m Twin Cable Kit

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