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All the files available here are kept for experimental and educational purpose only 

English + UK Football Weekly Schedule



Dreambox Official Downloads and User Guides

Dreamup Patched

Dreambox DM500S Safe Image

Commando 14.7 Info

Commando 14.7 Image

Coolstream NEO HD1

Coolstream NEO NG Return Firmware

Amiko Firmware

Amiko Mini Combo Firmware 1.2.50



Technomate Loader

Technomate 1000D original firmware

Technomate 5200D original firmware

 Technomate Linux Receivers Updates       Please only use this site for Firmware Updates 

Technomate TM Nano 2T Firmware   Download to your PC, unzip to a  USB Flash Drive and put the UPLOAD folder in the root of the USB drive

Technomate TM Nano 3T Firmware

Technomate TM-500 Super Recommended Firmware

Technomate Softcam

Technomate TM3000D Firmware

Technomate TM5300D+ Firmware

Technomate TM5402HD CI Firmware

Technomate TM5402 M3 firmware

Technomate TM6902 Combo Firmware

Technomate TM7102HD T2 Firmware

Addon for TM7102, TM6902 Receivers

Technomate TM F3/5 14th July 14  Firmware

Technomate TM F3/5 User Manual

Technomate TM Nano 3T Combo Latest Firmware

Technomate TM Nano OE Firmware

Technomate TM800 Firmware IQ Image

Technomate TM800 Problems / Solutions

How to USB flash TM800 HD

1. Format a USB stick in FAT32 file system.
2. Download image of your choice
3. Extract image to root of the USB stick and rename to TM800_update*
4. Power off TM-800 and connect USB stick to rear USB port.***
5. Power on using rear power switch and REPEATEDLY press the Standby button on the front of the receiver.
6. When miniroot shows stop pressing standby button.
7. When IP address is shown press MENU on the receiver. You will see the progress of the flash on the front screen. When finished the receiver will automatically reboot.

7 Day EPG on 28east for Technomate Receivers

Medialink Downloads

Medialink Black Panther 2 Card Plus

Medialink Black Panther Combo HD IPTV

VU SOLO and VU Duo Firmware

VU Solo Blackhole Firmware

Vu Duo Blackhole Firmware


Winrar powerful unzipper



Icecrypt S2000CCI Firmware

Icecrypt S3500HDCCI Firmware

Icecrypt S3500HDCCI User Guide



Mvision HD200 Combo User Manual

Mvision HD270 Combo User Manual

Mvision HD300 Combo User Manual

Mvision Remote Codes for Your TV

Mvision HD300 Combo Firmware

Mvision HD270 Combo Firmware

Ferguson Ariva 250 Combo

Ariva 250 Combo Firmware and User Manual in English

Ferguson Ariva 252 Combo

Ferguson Ariva 252 Firmware


Blade BM7000S Downloads


 Xoro HRS8530 Version 1 not V2, check the label near the power cable to see the Version number, if no V1 or V2 is listed you have a Version 1 and the software below is OK for your HRS8530.

Xoro HRS 8530 Firmware Upgrade

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