• Null Modem Cable

Null Modem Cable

So you have a Dreambox DM500S satellite receiver and you want to patch the firmware ? Well what you need is a Null Modem Cable which allows you to connect your Desktop PC to the Dm500s satellite receiver, Once you open Dreamup on your pc press the connect button and then power up your Dreambox DM500s, your PC is now connected and you can at this stage Flash a new image into the Dreambox DM500s with ease.

Serial port to Serial Port convertor, Used to connect your Satellite TV Receiver to your PC. If you want to upgrade the software in your older Technomate Receiver then this is the ideal comms cable, this cable also works with the Openbox X810 and all other upgradable receivers. Also used to un-Brick a satellite box.


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Null Modem Cable

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